Careers at WSW

If you are searching for a position in an office where you look forward to coming to work each day…WSW
If you are willing to go the extra mile for the client and enjoy being recognized and rewarded for your efforts…WSW
If you enjoy setting goals and having the tools and support available to accomplish them…WSW
If you want to work closely with the partners and managers in an open-door environment…WSW
If you are looking for great benefits and a team of co-workers that feel like family…WSW
If you want a fulfilling career where your input is valued instead of “just a job”…WSW

Currently we have two open positions: 1) full-time bookkeeper and 2) CPA with 3-6 years of experience with heavy tax background.

Interested? Let us know!

Core Values

  • We Deliver!
  • We Put Other People First
  • We Make Accounting Enjoyable


Core Purpose

  • We Remove Anxiety
  • We Solve Complex Challenges
  • We Provide Peace of Mind