Core Values

We Deliver!
We Put Other People First
We Make Accounting Fun!

Core Purpose

We Remove Anxiety
We Solve Complex Challenges
We Provide Peace of Mind



  • Dental Service Line

    Dental advisors helping dentists or dental practices with dental transitions, retirement plans, life insurance coverage, refinance debt, or expand clinic operations.

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  • Tax Services

    The complexities presented by compliance with business and individual taxes, much less estate or sales and use taxes, often require the services of a professional.

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  • Fraud, Forensics & Litigation

    In litigation, making a winning argument is easier when the law and the facts are clear. Knowing the law and finding those facts becomes complex when the information is overwhelming.

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  • Business Advisory Services

    The WSW accounting and consulting professionals have the years of experience and the bench strength to be your guiding partner as you navigate the journey of owning or managing your successful business.

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  • Audit & Assurance

    Clients expect auditing services to go beyond the financial statements and to help them escape the deep complexity of financial data and find solid ground.

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